WPPI 2016: The Photo Life- Post no. 1

Louisville, Kentucky to Las Vegas, Nevada! From what I know (and the few I bumped into while at the conference), there were only a handful of us photographers and videographers coming from around the Ohio Valley region. First off, if you are a professional photographer and you have never been to WPPI photo expo + conference in Las Vegas, go next year! I honestly feel humbled, pumped up, and ready to start anew after continuing my education on photography from top professionals in the field. Networking and gathering together with other like-minded creatives can not only boost your business but really get your head in the game. I am already excited to go next year, to continue to grow in my field and share with other photographers in my area. I look forward to sharing more about my experiences from WPPI expo + conference.

The keynote speaker was Sue Bryce (http://www.inbedwithsue.com/). Not only is she a master of her craft, but she engaged everyone in the room with her words and her truly magnificent work. 

Enjoy the article! 


All photos posted are from my iphone documentation. Professional photos from the Canon 5d mkiii will be posted later. 

Rose and Honey Floral Post // 21c Hotel and Museum Wedding // Anna Kristin + John

Photos of the beautiful 21c Museum and Hotel (Louisville) wedding I captured of Anna Kristin + John (October 2015) were recently published on Rose and Honey Floral’s website: 


Downtown Louisville Elopement // Kay + Dave // Preview

Kay and Dave had an exchange of vows on the steps of the Louisville Metro Hall in downtown Louisville on a Friday afternoon then followed with a Saturday reception with friends and family at Old 502. I am so happy I had to the chance to photograph such a special weekend. 

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