Saxony Farm Wedding

A few wedding teasers for the bride and groom, Julia and Jeff. An idyllic Kentucky wedding in April at the Polo Barn at Saxony Farm in Lexington, KY. 

The story of their love and how it all began:

We sat at desks next to each other in graduate school in Pittsburgh for a few years before ever really getting to know each other. We were both studying philosophical questions in the physical sciences. Jeff’s desk in the corner gradually accumulated so many books that he could hide behind them, especially with his headphones on, and Julia was taking on too many projects and not in the office much while she worked on her dissertation. Eventually she moved offices and our contact was even sparser. Then Jeff started playing pool with Julia’s friend, Katie. Julia came along a few times, and later starting tagging along with them to the gym. It turned out that the of us shared a sense of humor and interests in physical training, sci-fi, dancing to ’80s music, and space, as well as some similar philosophical views. Most of all, though, we shared a delight in each other’s company. We began spending more time together and became fast friends. A lunar eclipse was due to appear over Pittsburgh in the wee hours of the morning on April 15, 2014, and Jeff suggested we watch it together. Julia was skeptical of her ability to stay awake, so put on a movie–Say Anything–to pass the time until the eclipse came out. When the hour was right we went outside. Despite the cloudy night, we caught intermittent glimpses of the moon, growing dark and then deep pink. While we were waiting for a wave of clouds to pass, Jeff spun Julia around and kissed her for the first time. It was a very good kiss.

Venue: Polo Barn at Saxony Farm

Dress: Elizabeth Crum Designs

Hair + makeup: Fleet Street Hair Shoppe

Flowers: Michlers

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