Brooklyn, NY // Home Family Photo Session // Preview

To give a little backstory, Jess and I met in my hometown of Lexington, Kentucky in 2008 while working together at a local restaurant. I had graduated from college that year and was enjoying photo life as a hobbyist. Jess was going to school at University of Kentucky, pursuing her degree in English. We met, bonded quickly, and for the past 8 years have had a close and treasured friendship. 

8 weeks ago, Jess and Patrick welcomed baby Ruby to their family. They live in a quiet neighborhood in Brooklyn and, as you can tell, have a home full of love. Ruby’s birth was the perfect opportunity for me to take a weekend trip and photograph some of my favorite people. For all that’s been said of 2016, for now, while baby Ruby sleeps softly in her bed, life is beautiful.

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